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Submission for the "Don't Make Fire Emblem" game jam, a jam about using SRPG Maker, often used to make Fire Emblem clones, to not make Fire Emblem.

In this game you control Silas, laying siege to a castle by himself. He carries a powerful tome that grants him random spells every turn. Like a card game! Summon allies and use spells to defeat Baron Assor and claim his lands. And unlike Fire Emblem, you don't have to feel bad about sacrificing units to get ahead!


  • 8 different creatures to summon
  • 5 supporting spells
  • A single map with a boss at the end
  • Allies and enemies with skills that definitely aren't from Fire Emblem
  • Several secrets to reward exploration
  • At least 1 frog


  • 1.1 update: Rare crash fix and updated credits
  • 1.2 update: Fixed Ethereal duration, increased some player hit rates and durabilities, delayed Tomekeeper by 1 turn to slightly reduce difficulty
  • 1.3 update: Fixed another error with Fey Spirits, gave Animated Armor Renew 2, changed default volume


Codex Nocta 1.3.zip 106 MB
Codex Nocta 1.2.zip 106 MB
Codex Nocta 1.1.zip 106 MB


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Holy shit, amazing project, man! Got to say, really impressed with the quality of this one, and it just makes me want to see more of the adventures in this game! It could be amazing as a full release, even adding a deckbuilding aspect to it... It's so cool!