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A game made for the Philosophy Game Jam #3 by TallShrimp, with the theme: "Do we have free will?"

In You Can Quest! (if you want to), you play the role of a quest board manager. You use your information sources all over town to pick up requests, and you'll get paid if they're completed. You can get heroes to do quests for you, but you can't force them - they've got free will after all! You'll just have to place bounties to convince them. Pay enough to get them interested, but not so much that you're not making a tidy profit. Use the money to upgrade your guild or to buy items to increase the longevity of your heroes.

All heroes and quests are randomized from a huge range of options, so that you'll have a unique experience. Hope you don't get too attached...

Featuring three modes:

  • Normal Mode: Failing to complete a quest that you put a bounty on will cause you to pay a penalty relative to the reward you would've gotten. You still can't get a game over, so don't worry too much about this one, it's the intended experience!
  • Risk-Free Mode: It's the same as above, but there's no penalty to failure! Perfect if you're just quickly checking out games, or you just don't want to worry.
  • Generator Mode: Forget about actually doing quests, just press the reroll button and look at the interesting and funny quest or hero names that might show up. "Blackmail the divine frogs"? Who's paying for this stuff!


  • All programming and art by Neopolis
  • Special thanks to Raykins, CrimsonWyvern and Zeronos for feedback
  • Wood background photo by FWStudio
  • Sound effects by Zapsplat and Cactusbear
  • Music by Aaron Krogh


YouCanQuest.zip 8 MB

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